Production photography by Lydia Garnett (


Following the story of a young man and his family, The Anatomy of Melancholy is a new opera exploring 21st century experiences of depression and the history of mental health. It is inspired by Robert Burton's book of the same name (published 1621), in which a detailed dissection of melancholy is attempted in the search for its symptoms, causes and cures.

For their first major London production, bodycorps collaborated with leading molecular psychiatrists to create an intimate opera for seven vocalists and nine musicians. From feelings of overwhelming loneliness to confrontations with cutting-edge genetics research, The Anatomy of Melancholy sets humanity's most common mental health problem to music.


Date / Venue

20:00, October 22-25


33 Parkgate Road, Battersea, London SW11 4NP



Text & Direction  Finn Beames

Music  Benjamin Tassie

Musical Direction  Tim Murray

Design  Finn Beames and Mayou Trikerioti

Cast  Mark Beesley, Dario Dugandzic, Anna Harvey, Janet Henfrey, John Lattimore, Donna Lennard and Maud Millar

Ensemble  Anisa Arslanagic, Jude Carlton, Corentin Chassard, Stuart King, Eloise Prouse, Carla Rees, Siwan Rhys, Otto Willberg